Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sal y Pimienta

I had to make the hike down to the big city today to tape a segment with 93.7 deejay, DeviDev. Since I was down there, I took advantage of the opportunity to visit one of my H-Town bucket list restaurants specializing in South American Cuisine, Sal y Pimienta. 

Located in Town and Country, the parking is a complete nightmare. It quickly became clear they are serious about towing and booting if you dare park in a lot or garage to a place you're not patronizing. After circling the parking garage for 20 minutes, I almost gave up and took my business elsewhere. While the horrid parking situation is not the tenants' fault, I can't help but wonder how many people avoid the area because of it. As I made my last pass, the parking gods graced me with a spot. Success. I did not realize it at the time, but valet is available right across from Sal y Pimienta, and I'd highly encourage you to take advantage of it. 

Sal has a modern feel and you can see into the open kitchen that runs along one wall the length of the dining room. 

I received 3 menus--Executive Lunch, build your own salad, and their regular menu. I had heard about both the Executive Lunch menu (3 courses for $21) as well as the build your own salad option, so on my looooong commute, I had plenty of time to decide. 

I was brought some bread and chips along with some Chimichurri sauce to snack on while I perused the menu. 

I decided on the $21 Pre Fixe Executive Lunch menu starting with a salad with creamy cilantro dressing. The dressing definitely had a strong cilantro flavor and a low level of heat. The greens were fresh, and the tomatoes sure were pretty. They were even peeled. I hate raw tomatoes, so I have no idea if they were any good. :)

I'm still on a diet, so I had to go with the Pollo a la Parrilla. Basically grilled chicken with sautéed veggies. Somehow calling it something different made it taste better. Even though it was a chicken breast, it was surprising moist and I was impressed with the generous portion. 

Being the good girl I am, I ordered the fruit salad for dessert, but I really wanted the Quattro Leches Cake! 

Overall, I was impressed with the number of healthy choices available at Sal y Pimienta. I'm so completely bored with my diet, but Sal y Pimienta was a nice change of pace from my regular diet-friendly spots up Nawth. I enjoyed the open concept, the friendly service, and the excellent food--if only the parking were better. 

Here's the scoop on Sal y Pimienta:
Hours: Monday-Wednesday: 9am-12am; Thursday-Friday: 9am-2am
Saturday: 10am to 2am
Sunday: 11am-12am
Social Hour: Monday-Friday:3pm-7:30pm
For more information about Sal y Pimienta South American Kitchen please visit or call 281-907-0412.

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  1. The Parking Gods obviously suggested a fourth milk for the Quattro Leches and it's probably goat milk, sacrificial goat.