Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cyclone Anaya's

Some friends and I ventured down to Harwin this past Saturday, so of course I wanted to take them somewhere good to eat. (Yeah, this review is about a restaurant outside the north side "bubble.") With a Houston restaurant wishlist a mile long, I wasn't sure how I'd ever decide. Thankfully, I remembered my friend Tina had been wanting to try the lobster enchiladas at Cyclone Anaya's after I posted them on Facebook a couple of years ago. So when I suggested there, they were all in. The location on Woodway was closer, so that's where we went. 

I've been to the Durham location 3 times and have only ordered the lobster enchiladas and beef fajitas. If I don't visit a place very often, I have a tendency to find one thing I like and order it repeatedly. I don't want to take a chance on something new that might not be as good. There are plenty of TexMex places in MoCo (that's Montgomery County for you city folk) that produce standard TexMex fare, so I see no need to waste a trip to a Houston restaurant on run of the mill entrees. I made that mistake once with the beef fajitas! They were fine, but not outstanding. Pappasitos and Lupe Tortilla do an equally as good of a job (if not better). 

Today was no different. Lobster enchiladas for me! These enchiladas are prepared with flour tortillas, so they're not necessarily "conventional" or stereotypical enchiladas. Some may even debate that they're not really enchiladas, but they can debate all they want while I eat their portion.  There's a generous amount of lobster inside along with plenty of melted Mexican white cheese. I think, however, it's the Chardonnay cream sauce that makes these so good. I commented to my friend that they could put chicken in them and I'd love them just the same. 

Another thing I never skip at Cyclone's are the margaritas. I typically don't care for margaritas because they have a tendency to be cloyingly sweet; however, Cyclone's aren't that way. This time, I ordered the jalapeño margarita. I love getting a snack with my beverages (like olives in a Bloody Mary), so I particularly enjoyed the fresh jalapeño in my drink. It had a nice spice that offset the sweetness that so often turns me off. 

We ordered some sopapillas for dessert, but they were different than what I'm used to. They seemed to be plain puff pastry served with a large bowl of honey. The honey was very good, but I'd not order them again. I'd rather save my carbs and calories for a cupcake from Cupcake Cowgirls. 

I found the service a bit slow at the Woodway location. They seemed to be more concerned about sweeping the floor in preparation for the dinner rush instead of caring for the patrons visiting at an off-peak time. However, once acknowledged, the service was fine, and I enjoyed my meal. I was relieved that my dining companions liked it, too. When someone has been wanting to try something for years, you can't help but feel a little uneasy that it won't meet their expectations. Thankfully, Cyclone Anaya's did. 

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  1. Flour tortilla enchiladas, what planet is Cyclone from? I hope they are from planet delicious.
    If you understand spanish you would not have used the acronym of "Montgomery County" when you are talking about food, I hope no one ever finds out ;) #funnyword
    Great Photos #hereforthefoodstayforthephotos

  2. Planet delicious is right! The acronym is quite funny. :)