Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bing's Asian Bistro

Restaurant: Bing’s Asian Bistro

Type: uhh—Asian

Address/phone/web address:

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13731 W FM 1097
Willis, Texas 77318
Phone: 936-890-8868
Fax: 936-890-8818

Price range: Upper mid-range for dinner/ lower mid-range for lunch

Local establishment or chain: Local

Exterior Cleanliness: 10

Interior Cleanliness: 10

Hostess: 7
Waitstaff: 9

Food rating: 9.5

Overall rating: 9.1

You should order: Honey Crispy Chicken; Orange Peel Chicken; Orange Peel Beef; steamed dumplings

You should stay away from: Hot and Sour Soup; eggrolls

What can I say? I love Bing’s! I’ve never seen a health department report in The Courier, but I have a feeling it would be a good rating. Once again, Jason and I used a gift certificate we won at the Hydrate Hope fundraiser back in November. No, you are not experiencing dejavu. You’ve read that sentence before. I’ve visited Bing’s several times before, and have enjoyed it each time.

We ordered some steamed dumplings for an appetizer. The steamed dumplings take a while, but they are worth the wait. They are seasoned very well, and I love the sauce it’s served with.

This time, I ordered the Orange Peel Beef as my entrée choice. It was good, but the Orange Peel Chicken is better. It’s a little more tangy than Sweet and Sour dishes, and that’s why I like it. The batter also seems to be a little different. I was also excited when the waiter asked if I wanted white or brown rice. If you read Chewing and Reviewing regularly, you know I don’t like white rice, so I was delighted to have brown.

A manager (owner?) visited our table several times and was very friendly and accommodating. Our table had a slight wobble and he fixed it on the spot. Our drinks were refilled promptly and with a smile. If you like Chinese food, you need to head out to Willis and give it a try.


  1. I will try to draaaaag my hubby there one day soon. But, I have to ask, what's not so great about the hot and sour soup and the egg rolls?

  2. The hot and sour soup is not hot or sour. Hunan's in Conroe (near Academy) has some of the best I've had.

    As for the eggrolls, there's some sort of unexpected spice in them that I don't care for.

  3. we are big bings fans. and we love the honey butter shrimp. never tasted anything quite like it. they are local...and we love local. a friend of ours works there and was the "hook up" for the process of getting the Hydrate Hope gift certificate donated. they are super friendly there and really mean business with customer service, all the way to the bar tender. anytime we have friends or relatives in town we take them there. makes us feel like we aren' tin cornhole tx. :0

  4. I love this place!! FYI- they have recently changed their hours and are now open for Saturday lunch. They have amazing lunch specials 7 days a week. The egg roll is more like a spring roll and is "different" but I love it- next time I'll have yours Marvina!

    It is definitely worth the drive and doesn't make me feel like I have on the Redneck Riveria of Lake Conroe (Willis).

  5. Soooooooooo Good!!