Monday, December 24, 2007

My Texas Grill

Restaurant: My Texas Grill

Type: Country Cookin’

Address/phone/web address:

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604 N Loop 336 W.
Conroe, Texas 77301
Phone: 903-760-2030

Prices: Low prices for a sit-down establishment

Local establishment or chain: Local place

Exterior Cleanliness: 10

Interior Cleanliness: 9

Hostess: 6—Only semi-friendly; the majority of the staff seems to be teenagers
Waitstaff: 9

Food rating: 5

Overall rating: 7.8

The Review
Prices are in line with quality. At $6 a plate, I wouldn’t expect the quality of Saltgrass or Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish. I ordered the Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans. The CFS was seasoned nicely and was very good. Everything else was just okay. The mashed potatoes were a bit lumpy, and I don’t think they were lumpy from chunks of fresh potato. They tasted kind of like instant potatoes that had been “doctored” a bit. The gravy was also instant. This was a real disappointment considering the fact that the cfs was so good. Who wants fake gravy on a great cfs? For dessert, I ordered the bread pudding. To say that I was a bit disappointed would be an understatement. It was very rubbery and its only saving grace was that it had real whipped cream on top. I wouldn’t order that again.
For the price, this food was decent. I definitely will go there again to give them a second chance. If you decide to go, don’t set your expectations too high, and you won’t be disappointed. The owners seem like very nice people, and maybe they need to get the kinks worked out of this new restaurant. I say we need to give ‘em a chance.


  1. Hey, thanks for the review. I've passes this place and wanted to try it sometime...sounds like I'll pass on the mashed potatoes!

  2. I agree with you on Hyden's. It has been very inconsistent, and we have been disappointed several times. Maybe Kip and I will give them another chance. We have tried My Texas Grill several times, and it was good except for one time. Sometimes lunch is very crowded, and they don't seem to have enough wait staff. Dinner has been better for us. Thanks...Diana

  3. tried this restaurant last week after a hard day's work. I appreciated the food and thought it might come in handy for days when I really did not feel like cooking.

    I went by there today during the lunch rush and wanted my food to go. I questioned the wait and was told it would be about 20mins. I had no problems waiting, cutting my lunch close but I can wait.

    After a 30min wait, I noticed people who had been seated after my entrance were being served their food. I was still waiting, called the manager to express my disappointed and she could care less.

    I had paid for the food but I left in frustration and being subject to the deplorable customer service. I will not be going back.

    My only rationale is that they like their clientele to be of a specific skin color, if not - better luck next time.